What does one do in Goa? You move to the beach, you swim, you get pleasure from the water sports, you party, you devour the delicious food and you come to your hotel.

But the million dollar question here is – how are you able to get the simplest of Goa in summer season? while not a doubt, it’s going to be hot and humid throughout the summers. Most of the party spots are shut throughout this point. however despair not brave ones! For there’s a consolation to each cloud and there’s a celebration spot and beach for everybody who comes to Goa. As a student of partying, boozing, clubbing, let ME list out how in some ways that it’s higher to go to Goa throughout the summer.

1. Super Economical

This is the most effective half that produces me a fall in love with state and summer over and over again! Everything is darn low cost throughout the summers. From flight tickets to hotel bookings, from sightseeing tours to delicious food – you get superb discounts on everything. A penny saved may be a penny earned . I say – a penny saved, may be a penny to be used on partying! you’ll be able to get pleasure from the drinks, the beaches and also the sightseeing – and every one at a drastically reduced value. would like a lot of reasons to travel there?

2. shopping extravaganza 

The shopping expertise in state throughout summers–it’s simply super awesome! The markets are lined with superb product at wonderful value. you’ll be able to get yourself all those amazing swimsuits you were dying to shop for teamed up with some stunning accessories  at a dirt cheap value. The haggling is sort of non-existent and there’s no rush. Plus, all the money you save by means of discounted bookings will be place to  smart use here!

3. Few Tourists, More Fun, additional Solitude


Well, lots of individuals opt to avoid the warmth and so they avoid Goa in summers. Well, they certainly do miss out on lots of goodies. As a result, state is comparatively less thronged throughout the summers. which means more room for you and positively additional fun at the beach! Cheaper fleets, real low-cost water sports and a tremendous view at your favorite points within the selection of your fort or beach.

4. sail planing


Oh yes! Goa, what a pretty spot for the journey of parasailing! The summers are the best season to do your hand at thrilling water activities in Goa and para-sailing is a Must and should try! imagine obtaining an impressive view of the ocean and therefore the beach landscapes whereas being suspended high within the air. Yes! nothing will beat that vasoconstriction rush. The activity could be a ton additional fun and prices lots less throughout the summers. I did it, you must too!

5. Camera’s outing


Yes, even clicking photos is additional pleasurable throughout the summers in Goa. How? It’s simple; throughout the summers the beaches are relatively less crowded  and so are the gorgeous forts and churches. this offers you the chance to require your own time to click that good image that you just will boast about within the future!

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