Before coming up with a trip have a current passport. Purchase travelers checks. Keep the receipt in an exceedingly safe place just in case of being purloined. whether for travel or pleasure, schedule some fun. All journeys are meant for adventure, relaxation and delight. By designing well, you make sure that you and your family or friends can relish a hassle-free trip with solely the great kind of surprises to turn out.

The 1st thing to plan any trip is

1.choosing your location: discuss with your fellow travelers and make sure you are going to right place at right time


2. choose when you should go: Scheduling trip is important, you have to decide in which season you want to go to a particular place.


3. plan a simple itinerary: Vacations doesn’t go as planed so you have to plan a simple vacation so that you can enjoy a place and movement.


4. Plan your Budget: plan your travel budget and also calculate all the expense including travel,  Food,shopping, and their are extra expenses you Don’t know.


5.Set your trip plan: Make sure that you are prepared with your Tickets, accommodation, sight seeing plan and all, Consider your travel insurance, Be sure about your Document while traveling  International package.


6.Notify; tell your families or your friends you are leaving and drop your number or address if anything goes wrong then they can watch your back.


7.Wrapping up: Make sure that you pack up the right thing and make sure that you are packing your bag light.


after all this one important thing you must do that is GO! check your documents, passports, I cards, chargers, glasses, Every thing means Everything  Now all that left is go and Enjoy!!!