In this Article i am sharing Major Thirteen places to Visit in Shirdi

1. Shri Sai baba Sansthan Temple
sai baba sansthan temple
Shri Sai baba Sansthan Temple one kms from central city one out of Thirteen Places to go to in Shirdi The Sansthan Temple is one of the foremost known and important of shrines in India. Dedicated to Sai baba, Devotees will avail all facilities of a spot from Darshan lines, donation counters, Prasad lines, railway booking counters to dining halls.

2. Gurusthan
Gurusthanonekms from centre second out of Thirteen Places to go to in Shirdi Gurusthan is one of the places where Sai baba 1st appeared to the world as a sixteen year boy. The place is set below a neem. It additionally includes a shrine on that Sai baba’s portrait is placed with a Shivalingam and also the Nandi bull right ahead of it

3. Samadhi Mandir


Samadhi Mandironekms from city center this is Third out of Thirteen Places to go to in Shirdi Samadhi Mandir is owned and Built by a rich person from Nagpur, who was follower of Sai baba. The follower needed to install an idol of Lord Murlidhar and so Sai baba declared him as one.

4. Dwarkamai
Dwarkamai one kms from city center fourth out of Thirteen Places to go to in Shirdi The place could be an easy, plain structure, domestically referred to as home of ‘God on earth.  With its sheet metal roof and rough stone walls, the place of worship may never be represented as grand.
Describing the baba as a simple fakir, he was a model of emotionless and holy poorness. His personal possessions amounted to very little more than a couple of items of material, some chillum pipes, a stick, a beggary bowl, and a modification of kafni. His devotees needed to furnish the place of worship, however he resisted as according to him it was not necessary.

5. Chavadi
Chavadi one kms from city center Fifth out of Thirteen Places to go to in Shirdi throughout his last years, Sai baba Want to spend alternate nights at Chavadi. The place is found close to Dwarkamai house of worship  from  wherever the procession of Sai baba together with his followers was allotted in a palki.

6. Jangli Maharaj Ashram
jangli maharaj ashram
Jangli Maharaj Ashramsevenkms from city center sixth out of Thirteen Places to go to in Shirdi situated on Shirdi-man made freeway, the ashram is 7 km faraway from Shirdi. Managed and maintained by religious Guru Om Gurudev, it’s additionally a co-educational residential faculty for kids.

7. Abdul baba house
Abdul baba house zero kms from city centre seventh out of Thirteen Places to go to in Shirdi the house is located right opposite to Chavadi that belonged to Sai baba’s most fervent followers, Abdul Baba. This one is tiny and green in  color with several rare memoirs of baba and himself. A must visit for the gathering of rare artifacts involving the two.

8. Thursday Palki procession
Thursday Palki procession one kms from center This is the eight out of Thirteen Places to go to in Shirdi throughout the times once Sainath lived alternate nights in Chavadi, he was taken there during a palki procession from Dwarkamai house of worship. An equivalent procession that occurred then is additionally carried out even these days on each Thursday with a similar excitement and veneration.

9. Khandoba Mandir
Khandoba Mandir three kms from center this is Ninth out of Thirteen Places to go to in Shirdi The temple is settled on the main road with the icons of Khandoba, Banai and Mhalsai. The temple is devoted to Khandoba, the presiding divinity  of the city.

10. Shani Shingnapur
Shani Shingnapur fifty eight kms from centre Tenth out of Thirteen Places to go to in Shirdi one amongst the foremost attention-grabbing villages of Maharashtra, this one has no doors in any of the homes or outlets to its name. People here believe that their Lord Shaneshwar is usually protecting them from all the evils. The village is mere sixty five kms faraway from Shirdi and thus is one amongst the foremost visited places on the trip to Shirdi. Only male devotees are allowed within the premises close to the idol to worship the lord. But however now ladies have access too.

11. Lendi Baug
Lendi Baug_502.jpg
Lendi Baugonekms from center Eleventh out of Thirteen Places to go to in Shirdi the gorgeous garden is located at Shirdi-Man made expressway. Sai baba used to spend plenty of his time here watering the plants daily within the mornings and evenings.

12. Dixit Wada museum
Dixit Wada museum one kms from center Twelfth  out of Thirteen Places to go to in Shirdi The Wada museum is found within the locality of the Shri Sai baba Sansthan trust that showcases vintage photos of Sai baba along with his followers. It conjointly displays his animal skin padukas, long robes and a smoking pipe at the side of gramophone records, bathing stone and cookery utensils, among others.

13. Upasani Maharaj Ashram
Upasani Maharaj Ashramtwokms from center thirteen out of Thirteen Places to go to in Shirdi the ashram is of a saint of the twentieth century, named Upasani Maharaj. He was a passionate follower of Sai baba. Located off the Shirdi-Ahmednagar super highway, the ashram contains the Samadhi of the Maharaj and one among his disciples.