India is a land of mystery, Adventure, and secrets India has many secrets Buried in its earth, it is up to you how you will explore it or see it, and i Am sure it will shock you at any point. India is also home of worship where everything is worshiped by one or the other mean in this article we have listed  some of the mysterious places or exploring places in India .

1.Hanging pillar At Lepakshi, Andra Pradesh:

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The hanging pillar in Lepakshi is one of the mysterious place in India thanks to its floating pillar which is unique and detached from the ground. It is famous for its architecture and Painting. Along the 70 pillars on site one of the pillar is hanging in mid air existing without support, people who comes to this temple and passes the objects underneath the pillar believing that it will bring success to their Lives.

2.The Mini Desert at Talakad, Karnataka:

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It is Situated in the banks of Kaveri River, in Chamrajnagar where more than 30 Temples residing in this place. There are 5 lingams representing 5 faces of Shiva, It is believed that devotee of lord Shiva who was widowed once cursed the place which later Turned in to Strange sand. It is one of the mystery that river kaveri forms a whirlpool

3.The Tale of Twins at Kodinhi, Kerala:

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There is a ordinary village in India call Kodinhi with extra ordinary feature. Now it is called land of TWINS Where it witnessed consistently more number of Twin Births. One person enters this village he will start seeing doubles of almost every one as if now it is recorded that it has more than 200 pairs of twins and 2 sets of Triplets. Scientifically it is believed that this place water has a chemicals which is responsible for this mysterious phenomena

4.Levitating Stone at Shivapur, Maharashtra:

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Hazrat Qamar Ali Darvesh shrine is listed among one of the mysterious places in India there is a 70kg rock and can be lifted by one method that is 11 persons should be circle around and touch by their fore figures and say the saints name who placed a curse on that stone (a sufi saint called Qamar ali has cursed the stone 800 years ago)

5.Door-Deprived Houses of Shani Shingnapura, Maharashtra:

shani shignapura
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Shani shingnapura, a village located in Ahamednagar 70 km away from the Shirdi where every devotee of saibaba wishes to land a foot, but the devotion of baba is seen in Shani shingnapura Peoples where nobody has any doors to their homes, Temples, or Commercial Buildings. And more importantly there is a Zero crime rate in this Village.

To be continued…..