We already went through some of the mysterious places in our last post and in this post we are looking at some more mysterious places in India.

1. The Gravity Defying Palace at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh:

Google images- Barah imambara

Barah imambara Build in 18th century   in Arabian and European design is one of the mysterious place in India.

The memorial central arched is fifty meters in length and 3 floors high without the support of any pillar. The bricks have just beautifully interlocked it to form this beautiful structure, and Bhulbhulaiya has a dense maze.

2. The Magnetic Hill of Leh, Ladakh:

Google images- Ladhak

Going to Hills of ladhak is itself is a Mystery that to Magnetic hills located at 11,000 feet above the sea level, is also a mysterious place in ladhak. In this place the cars pull up on their own power that one can drive with their ignition off on these Hills. But how ever scientifically it is believed that it is only a optical illusion caused by gravitational pull.

3. The Lake of Skeletons at Chamoli, Uttarakhand:

Google images- Uttarkhand

The Roop kund lake located at 16,500 feet in Himalayas, it is believed to be one of the haunted place where it scares most of the people for the first time don’t go on its beauty it what lies beneath the beauty. Around about 400 to 600 skeletons were found beneath the frozen lake of Roop kund every year when the ice starts melting scientifically it is proved that it is of 15th century AD.

The peoples in this region believe that the king and queen of Kannauj going to pilgrimage and died in a huge Hailstorm

4. The Red Rain at Idukki, Kerala:

Google images-Kerala re rain

Kerala is famous for Western Ghats apart from that the idukki or red region is also a famous mystery place. The rain fall in 25th July 2001 occurred in this region was red in color and their after occurred sporadically for 2 months locals collected this red blood down fall later it turned in to clean water with red colored particles settled down. However scientifically it is proven that the particles are airborne spores from growing alga in this area.

5. The Floating Stones of Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu:

Google images- Rama setu or Adam’s Bridge.

Rameshwaram is one of the sacred place for Hindus and also a major tourist attraction as we all know Ramayana story where lord Rama’s wanara sene (group of soldiers) build a stone bridge to srilanka according to that the bridge was built from the stones which floated on water after carving Rama’s name on it is not just a story but still found in Rameshwaram so that it is a major tourist attraction.

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