For many travelers, The planet earth could be a impressive place choked with surprises at each flip. With each journey to international cities, we have a tendency to learn one thing new concerning ourselves, the human condition, and how we have a tendency to see ourselves through the lens of different cultures. However, for all of the nice international cities we have a tendency to expertise, there are several terribly dangerous destinations that will not welcome foreign travelers.

The dangers transcend petty taxi cab scams and thievery. In some international cities, armed gangs are way more brazen in their attacks, specifically targeting western travelers. As a result, travelers could also be abused , attacked, and  harmed within the name of act of terrorism, robbery, or different motives.

Bogota, Colombia

Google images- Bogota, Colombia

The vibrant and historic capital of Republic of Colombia, national capital Is an industrial international town situated within the heart of the state. Noted for manufacturing a number of the world’s finest occasional and delightful flowers, thousands of usa citizens visit Colombia and rural Colombia each year for cultural studies, volunteer work, and touristry. However, many that build plans to visualize this destination might not perceive that it’s conjointly one in all the foremost dangerous destinations for western travelers.

Terrorist organizations, drug cartels, and armed street gangs all have a big and visual presence across Republic of Colombia, particularly in Bogota. consistent with the State Department, american guests are typically thought-about simple targets for crime. moreover, officers warn that the threat of snatch remains high, even supposingthe speed of kidnappings has faded over the last fifteen years.

Mexico City, Mexico

Google images- Mexico City, Mexico

Every day, over 150,000 folks lawfully cross the border between the u. s. and Mexico to go to a coastal resort, see family and friends, or do business. In fact, Mexico could be a standard and simply accessible destination for several travelers, and also the capital of Mexico City isn’t any exception.

Lima, Peru

Google images- Lima, Peru

Considered one among the foremost historic cities in South America and also the entranceway to Machu Picchu, Lima is one among the international cities prime for people who wish to expertise South american history initial hand. as a result of the high variety of tourists, criminals conjointly occupy town|the town|town} within the city, waiting to require advantage of unsuspecting tourists.

From banned taxi services that are famed to require over a fare, to warnings of hijackings that happen on remote roads in the dark, Lima offers lots of danger to the common traveler. Solo travelers who wish to go to this historic town ought to think about limiting their travel plans to sunlight hours and utilizing authorized taxis suggested by hotels or tour operators.

New Delhi, India

new delhi
Google images- New Delhi, India

A budding commerce center of Republic of India, New Delhi is a global town that pulls business travelers from round the world. However, national capital is discovering not solely their identity within the world community, however additionally the hazards that accompany expansive growth. one among those dangers comes within the threat of statutory offense – particularly to women.

Both British Foreign Ministry and also the U.S. Department of State warn that sexual assaults of feminine guests remains a priority for solo travelers. The alleged assaults haven’t been isolated to american travelers: travelers from Kingdom of Denmark, Germany, and Japan claim they need been sexually annoyed or abused whereas traveling in national capital. ladies with solo travel arranges to New Delhi are inspired to make a security plan before their travels, and are powerfully encouraged to travel in teams.

Jakarta, Indonesia

jakarta indonesia
Google images- Jakarta, Indonesia

A popular stopover destination for tourists seeking a tropical vacation, the international town of capital of Indonesia offers travelers a healthy dose of journey in a very really distinctive culture. However, what lurks just below the surface could be a variety of threats that may flip a dream vacation into a nightmare.

According to country Foreign Ministry, threats of act of terrorism and snatch of foreigners are the 2 main safety issues that guests ought to remember of additionally, Jakarta also sits on a series of fault lines referred to as the “Ring of fire.” This leaves the region at risk of earthquakes and tsunamis out of the blue. Those reaching to visit the realm ought to take into account getting travel insurance early, so as to require advantage of all advantages within the event a visit turns unhealthy.