Today India is mapping itself on the worldwide stage in more courses than one. Really taking shape are additionally numerous vacation destinations that once prepared, guarantee to be among the tallest and greatest on the planet. (Yes, we said ‘on the planet’!) But more than that, some of these structures are likewise images of a blooming nationalistic India – gladly reporting its legacy and capacities to the world on the loose. Inquisitive to understand what these structures are?

1. World’s Tallest Statue.

In progress close to the residential area of Vadodara in Gujarat, is the world’s tallest statue, that once finished will quantify 597 feet (182 meters). This statue of flexibility contender Sardar Vallabhai Patel, who was additionally India’s first Deputy Prime Minister of India, is a tribute to Patel, as the establishing father of the Indian Republic, and is being known as the Statue of Unity.

tallest statue
Google Images – tallest statue

The statue is being worked on the stream island of Sadhu Bet confronting the Narmada Dam and will be encompassed by a counterfeit lake which is spread more than 12 km. The territory would likewise be associated by a scaffold to an event congregation and a garden. Work has begun on the statue in October 2014 and is required to be finished by 2018.

2. World’s Biggest Bird Sculpture.

The Jatayu Nature Park in Kerala, coming up close Kollam, at a separation of around 46 km from the state capital of Thiruvananthapuram, guarantees to have the world’s greatest flying creature form. This stone amusement stop and tourism focus would have the figure of the legendary winged animal Jatayu on a ridge at an elevation of 1000 feet. Legend has it, this is the spot where Jatayu tumbled down when battling the evil spirit ruler Ravana, who was stealing Rama’s better half Sita.

biggest bird
Google Images – Biggest Bird Sculpture.


The winged creature figure is relied upon to quantify 200 feet long, 150 feet in expansiveness and 70 feet in tallness, over an aggregate floor territory of 15 000 sq ft. The middle would have various different attractions as a 6D theater, an extraordinary computerized historical center and an experience zone with 20 sorts of exercises. There would likewise be offices of an Ayurvedic surrender resort, a link auto, and the peak would give all encompassing perspectives of the encompassing mountains and foliage. The recreation center is relied upon to open in this year.

3. World’s Tallest Free Standing Clock Tower

Beating Big Ben of London and the Old Joe in Birmingham – by and by the tallest unsupported check tower on the planet is the up and coming Infosys check tower in the city of Mysore that will be 443 feet (135 m) high. Evaluated to be finished by end of this current year or mid-2018, this tallest detached tower of the world is being worked by Infosys at their 345-section of land Mysore grounds.

tallest free standing clock tower
Google Images – Tallest Free Standing Clock Tower


The tower when finished is relied upon to have 19 stories including a meeting room and would be inherent a blend of Gothic and traditional styles. The base of the tower will be around 22×22 meters, and the top will be embellished with a computerized timepiece. The planner of this clock tower is Hafeez Contractor, who was likewise the modeler of the Mysore grounds

4. World’s Tallest Rail Bridge

Under development in the remote and disengaged territory of Kashmir on the Udahmpur to Baramulla rail extend is the Chenab connect, which once prepared, would be the world’s tallest rail connect. The extension is a piece of the Jammu – Udhampur – Srinagar – Baramulla Rail Line (JUSBRL) venture of the Ministry of Indian Railways, development for which begun in 2004 is as yet progressing.

Tallest Rail Bridge
Google Images – Tallest RailwayBridge


The Chenab scaffold will frame an enormous and wonderful steel curve – the first of its kind in India and would be at a tallness of 1178 feet while spreading over 1.3 km long. The scaffold traverses the profound Chenab stream valley amongst Bakkal and Kauri in Reasi area and will be a building wonder in itself once prepared. It is presently anticipated that would open just by 2019. however, the first date was 2016.

5. World’s Biggest Stadium

India is good to go to construct the world’s greatest cricket stadium, and which is all well and good, it is after all home to the world’s top-positioned test group. This stadium, being implicit Ahmedabad would have an ability to situate 110 000 onlookers, outperforming Melbourne Cricket Stadium, that seats 100 000 and is by and by the greatest. Prior Kolkata’s Eden Gardens held the respect, yet its ability was lessened because of some real remaking venture.

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Anticipated that would take around two years to manufacture, the stadium will house 76 corporate boxes, a clubhouse, and even an Olympic-measure swimming pool; other than it would have three practice grounds and an indoor cricket institute. It will be home to the Gujarat Lions of IPL Twenty20 popularity.