For a few people island is for water sports, shoreline gatherings and meeting new individuals. For some it is the fantasy put for apathetic days, hanging lofts and a pleasant book. Furthermore, for the rest, it is about long strolls, wonderful night falls and similarly charming dawns.
Whichever way, we connected them with various great and reviving things; in any case, excessively marketed shorelines with cloudy water are a major kill. While there are numerous islands in India that may baffle you, there are a couple which will entirely neglect to give you an unwinding and reviving get-away. Here’s a rundown of a portion of the to a great degree excellent islands of India, far from the vacationer swarm.

1. Majuli Island — One of the biggest river islands

Google images – Majuli Island

Majuli Island is the one of the greatest stream islands on the planet and thusly in India. The most interesting of the considerable number of islands in India, this place is acclaimed for its amazing dawns and staggering dusks. You will get a reasonable taste of Assamese culture here. Out of the considerable number of islands of India, this one is the most capricious one. You will discover greenery rather than sand on its drift and customary northeastern cooking rather than fish. Notwithstanding, it will end up being an affair worth all the travel.
Best time to visit: October – December
How to reach: Take pontoon ride from Jorhat which is genuinely associated through aviation routes to Guwahati. There are two ships – one leaves at 10 am and the other at 3 pm.
Spots to see: 21 Satras and Mishing Village
Where to stay: La Maison de Anand, Yggdrasill Bamboo Cottage or government housing
Things to do: Rent a bike to investigate the island.

2. Diu Island — The island with Gujarati heritage

Google images – Diu Island

This little island of India has hints of Portuguese culture mixed in it. The design magnificence and peacefulness can shock you to a dreamlike world. The impeccable shorelines and tropical ocean bottom with a dash of Gujarati impact, will make it an indent not quite the same as different islands in India. Furthermore, the best part, liquor is legitimate here, dissimilar to in Gujarat!
Best time to visit: October – January
How to reach: Diu can be come to via aviation routes and roadways from most significant Indian urban areas. Be that as it may, it doesn’t have a railroad station.
Spots to see: Diu Fort, Gangeshwar Temple, Seashell Museum and St Paul’s Church
Where to stay: Sugati Beach Resort, Kostamar Beach Resort, and Krishna Park Resort. The vast majority of the top of the line resorts are situated close Nagoa Beach.
Things to do: Rent a bike or a bicycle to appreciate the district minus all potential limitations.

3. Divar Island — Near The Coasts Of Goa

Google images – Divar Island

One of the untouched islands in India, Divar Island lies around 10 km upstream from Panjim, Goa. It is arranged over the clamoring waterway of Mandovi, and has held the enthusiastic culture and field feel of Goa.
Best time to visit: Mid-November – Mid-February
How to reach: 10 mins ship ride from Viceroy’s Arch in Old Goa
What to see: Our Lady Of Compassion Church, Shree Ganesh Sateri Temple, European Houses and Portuguese historic points.
Where to stay: Divar Island Retreat Guest House
Things to do: Just for your information, Dil Chahta Hai was additionally shot here. In this way, you can reproduce some of your most loved scenes from that motion picture here.

4. St Mary’s Islands — Off the shores of Karnataka

Google images – St Mary’s Islands

St Mary’s is an arrangement of four little islands in India. Similarly to Giant’s Causeway in Ireland, these islands are celebrated for their basaltic shake developments cut into a particular hexagonal shape. The rough shoreline and clear blue water make these islands an unquestionable requirement visit. This island in India is as yet obscure to countless.
Best time to visit: December – January
How to reach: Only approach to achieve this island is to take a pontoon from Malpe, Karnataka. The ride is around 15 mins and expenses about Rs 500 for a round outing.
Spots to see: Coconut gardens and basaltic shake arrangements
Where to stay: Unfortunately there are no convenience offices on this unfilled island in India. Be that as it may, you can make your plans on the Malpe, in no way like it.
Things to do: A couple selfies and gather pictures on these phenomenal shake developments are essential
Tip: Carry your own particular nourishment and drink since there is no refreshment office accessible on the islands.

5. Little Andaman Island — Island of uncommon marine turtles

little andaman
Google images – Little Andaman Island

Little Andaman Island is one of the strange goals in Andaman Islands. Not intensely swarmed, this place has some truly appealing shorelines. It is a standout amongst the most excellent islands in India, and ideal for the individuals who adore nature in its crude shape. For a budgeteer, this is the ideal island in India for special night. It would not be a customary one, but rather a critical one, in any case.
Best time to visit: December – February
How to reach: It’s somewhat more than a day’s voyage by ship from Port Blair.
Spots to see: White surf waterfalls, Whisper wave waterfalls, Hut sound and Coral reefs on the east of the island
Where to stay: Jina Resort and Blue View
Things to do: Surfing on some spectacularly high waves is the top thing to do in this best island in India.

6. Great Nicobar Island — The largest island in India

nicobar-saishub tours
Google images – Great Nicobar Island

The Great Nicobar Island is the biggest island in India. Its perfectly clear water will entice you to take a plunge and let go of your restraints. Stunning widely varied vegetation of this place makes it its very own little universe. One of the best islands in India, this place is ideal for a little excursion with your family or your life partner.
Best time to visit: February – June
How to reach: Boats and helicopters are accessible from Port Blair.
Spots to see: Indira Point, Campbell Bay, Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve
Where to stay: Silver Sand Havelock, Anugama Resort, and Aashiaanaa Residency Inn
Things to do: Lazy plunging and gliding on the quiet drifts All  in all, which of these islands call to you and appeal you to experience them at least once? Share, which one are you going to investigate first.

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