A town in Switzerland has voted to restriction sightseers from taken photographs.

The collective of Bergün/Bravuogn close St Moritz chosen to take the measure on Monday – however it’s all to make individuals more joyful.

Local people trust that their town is beautiful to the point that guest’s photos of it, when transferred to web-based social networking, will make other individuals hopeless.

“It is experimentally demonstrated that wonderful occasion photographs via web-based networking media make the watcher troubled in light of the fact that they can’t be there themselves,” said an announcement from the vacationer office.

The town arrangements to actualize a typical €5 fine on those found breaking the new standards.

“Bergün/Bravuogn is lovely,” included the Mayor, Peter Nicolay. “We would prefer not to make individuals outside the group troubled by sharing web-based social networking photographs of our beautiful scene, and we unconditionally welcome you to visit Bergün to experience it for yourself.

“I am exceptionally satisfied that the occupants of Bergün have the bliss surprisingly on a basic level. That makes me extremely glad.”

Some have addressed whether it’s from the heart or essentially a reputation stunt. In spite of the fact that it is a genuine law, voted in favor of by the town board, the town’s executive of tourism, Marc-Andrea Barandun, conceded that the measure is somewhat a show casing ploy.

“Out of sight obviously the thought is that everybody is discussing Bergün,” he revealed to The Local. “So it’s a mix of both – we made the law and furthermore there’s some showcasing [aim] behind it.”

He included that it’s far-fetched the fine will really be forced on anybody, and that there is more about the boycott that will be uncovered in the not so distant future.

Barandun included: “The entire story is not completed yet. By Friday evening everybody will recognize what the thought was behind this law. It’s astonishment.”

The traveler office has expelled photographs of the town from its Facebook and Twitter accounts, and has pronounced its aim to expel them from the Bergün site as well.

The “boycott” has had a blended gathering via web-based networking media. Some affirmed of the crusade, with one man stating: “Solid PR activity!”, while another remarks, “Cool activity and cool town meeting! It indicates fortitude and an extraordinary comical inclination!”

In any case, not everybody is a fan. One lady composes on Facebook: “Absolutely terrible PR! This will put off your potential visitors, pull in furious responses and make you look absurd…Bergün; I’m disillusioned.” Others contrasted the boycott with North Korea.

Bergün’s vacationer board reacted via web-based networking media: “Publicizing how lovely our town is should be done in striking ways.”

Here are some photos from Google source and Wikipedia That how beautiful the village is and I Am sure this pics will make you Jealous…

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